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Youth Education Specialist

Youth Education Specialist

POSTING: The application deadline for this position is 5 pm CST on Friday, December 9, 2016.

Please review the job summary, qualifications, and hiring process before applying for this position. Only applicants meeting the required qualifications listed below need apply. If interested, please submit all required documents before the posting deadline; incomplete applications will not be considered. Travis County ESD No. 2 / Pflugerville Fire Department is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Reports to and supervised by:  Community Outreach Coordinator

Division:  Prevention

Classification:  Full time, non exempt, with some after-hours work including occasional Fridays (evening) and occasional Saturdays (daytime) 

Salary: At least $37,000+ a year


DEFINITION: The Youth Education Specialist is a fire and life safety educator, performing a variety of duties to educate and assess local children on fire prevention, life safety, and injury reduction knowledge and techniques primarily at the preschool and elementary school levels, and providing general support to the Community Outreach Coordinator (“Coordinator”).

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS -- Responsibilities and duties include, but are not limited to, the following:

- Identify and evaluate the available youth-focused fire safety, life safety, and injury reduction curriculum, activities, materials, and assessments by grade-level. Modify such items or develop original content to improve effectiveness and better meet local needs. Make adoption recommendations to the Coordinator including timelines, budget considerations and purchasing plans, implementation strategies, performance metrics, and personnel/partnership needs.

- Maintain a high degree of knowledge and awareness of educational techniques, resources, and requirements for youth fire and life safety, minimally including the Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills (TEKS) and Boy/Girl Scout badge requirements. Monitor related news coverage and informational resources.

- Gather, analyze, and report programmatic data including but not limited to youth reached, community youth demographic information, current and projected school enrollments, performance metrics, and assessment data (including retention) – both current and long-range.

- Serve as a liaison to local public schools, preschools and daycares, charter schools, parochial and private schools, home school organizations, and Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts troops. Develop and maintain contact lists. Build community coalitions to strengthen program reach and effectiveness. Maintain a master calendar of anticipated activities and educational opportunities. Monitor PfISD School Board agendas and attend Board meetings as needed.

- Collaborate closely with school district representatives on the selection of pertinent fire/life safety curriculum and materials, staff training, program implementation, and assessment of students. This will include long-range scheduling of school visits and Career Days. Determine what accommodations and resources may be available for English as a Second Language (ESL) and special needs students. Develop and implement programming for Career Days at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. Facilitate and implement National Fire Prevention Month learning opportunities. Support the Coordinator in producing and promoting the To Save Just One teen safe-driving program for PfISD high schools each Spring.

- Train individuals on fire/life safety youth lesson plans and programs including teachers/coaches, community volunteers, firefighters, and High School Fire Academy students. Assist the Community Outreach Coordinator in the development, support, and scheduling of a pool of firefighters with youth education interest and skills. Effectively work with the Coordinator and the Command Staff to coordinate their schedule and the use of the training/public education fire-truck for school visits and community events.

- Support fire station tours for youth by preparing age-appropriate materials and techniques and the corresponding assessments, orienting station personnel, and – schedule permitting – actively participate in station tours. Evaluate assessments when available.

- Plan and oversee the Department’s public appearances at events that are primarily focused on children such as school festivals, church festivals, and city/police events and camps.

- Make timely recommendations to the Coordinator on events/visits that would benefit from the Fire Safety House and any other special apparatus, and upon approval assist in scheduling and coordinating the appropriate personnel and volunteers.

- Assist the Coordinator with the production of educational videos to inform local youth on fire and life safety as well as puppet shows or other performances.

- Assist the Coordinator with the preparation of news media, social media, and print marketing materials on youth education programs and activities.

- Assist the Coordinator in discussions on long-range development of the Department’s youth education efforts, including the potential construction and operation of a fixed/permanent facility. If Department leaders decide to create a fixed facility, support this effort as needed.

- Perform related duties and responsibilities as required.

Experience:  At least 2 years full-time professional experience in an educational, recreational, or public relations setting, or a related field, working directly with children within the range of 3 to 12 years old.

Training: Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university with major coursework in education, social work, marketing, public administration, communications, or a related field.

License or Certificate:

Possession of a valid Texas drivers license.

Possession of, or ability to obtain, national certification as a Fire and Life Safety Educator. Certification coursework will be funded by employer if not completed prior to hiring.

Knowledge of:

- Operations, services and activities of a youth education program.

- Principles and practices of child instruction, curriculum development, and assessment.

- Learning theory, educational methodology and learning characteristics of all education levels.

- Principles and practices of data collection and report preparation.

- Operational characteristics of audio-visual production and presentation equipment.

- General operations, policies and procedures for public schools.

- Basic fire protection and life safety methods and techniques.

- Operations of a professional fire department.

- Marketing and promotional methods and techniques.

- Principles and practices of media relations.

- Methods and techniques of filing and record keeping.

- English usage, grammar, punctuation and spelling.

- Modern office procedures and equipment including computers and word processing software, database software, and spreadsheet applications (both desktop and web-based).

- Pertinent Federal, State and local codes, laws and regulations.

Ability to:

- Communicate clearly and effectively with children in various age groups as well as adults, both orally and in writing.

- Instruct children in fire suppression and reduction techniques and measures and life safety.

- Demonstrate effective class management skills.

- Conduct research on fire/life safety education and assessments for youth.

- Develop training curriculum and assessments for a variety of educational and age levels.

- Develop and maintain calendars and complex schedules

- Act in and provide production assistance for plays, puppet shows, and educational videos.

- Frequently travel from site to site within the District in a punctual and organized manner.

- Evaluate, measure, and monitor the District’s educational programs for youth, including the use of statistical methods to gather, analyze and report data. Prepare clear and concise reports.

- Market and promote the District’s youth education services and activities.

- Maintain and update a variety of files, both digital and print.

- Establish and maintain effective working relationships with school representatives, community representatives, and District personnel.                               

- Interpret and apply pertinent Federal, State and local laws, codes and regulations.


Environmental Working Conditions:

Primary environments are offices, schools, and fire stations. Secondary environments are public parks and other event sites. Work closely with others; exposure to computers; potential exposure to inclement weather; frequent travel from site to site within the District using District vehicles.

Physical Working Conditions:

Essential and marginal functions may require maintaining physical condition necessary for sitting, standing, walking, stooping, crawling, running and bending for prolonged periods of time; public performances and video presentations may require choreographed activity, cycling, dancing, jumping, rolling, and performing staged falls; occasional heavy lifting (over 30 pounds).

Hiring Process Instructions:

- The application deadline for this position is 5 pm CST on Friday, December 9, 2016.

- Review the posting for the position of Youth Education Specialist by visiting PflugervilleFire.org. Check the Youth Education Specialist posting on the Careers page for instructions and application deadline.

- If you meet the experience, training, and licensure requirements, submit all of the following before the application deadline. Submissions by mail or delivery service must be received before the application deadline. Submissions should be delivered in-person or mailed to: Pflugerville Fire Department, ATTN: Community Outreach Coordinator, 203 E. Pecan St., Pflugerville TX 78660. Questions may be directed to the Coordinator at (512) 251-2801.

Submissions must include all of the following:

- Completed and signed District application, shown here: http://www.pflugervillefire.org/images/pdf/districtapplicationoctober2013.pdf  (If you cannot fill it in electronically, you may legibly hand-print.)

- Cover letter of interest

- Resume

- A copy of your valid Texas driver’s license, as instructed on #5 here: http://www.pflugervillefire.org/index.php/careers/faq-menu

- After receipt of your application package, the Coordinator will let you know within 2 full business days if your package is not complete; you will have only until the application deadline to complete your submission.

- If you are not selected for an interview, you will be notified within 6 weeks of the deadline.

- Professional References will be checked for finalists.

- After a contingent job offer, you must:

- Complete and pass a criminal history check, as instructed here: http://www.pflugervillefire.org/index.php/careers/faq-menu

- Pass a drug test as directed

- Provide a copy of your driving record, as instructed on #6 here: http://www.pflugervillefire.org/index.php/careers/faq-menu

- Provide a copy of either your college diploma(s) or college transcript(s)

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