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Department Rental Facilities

Pflugerville Fire Department Welcome to the CommunityBecause we care, we want to welcome you to the community.

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Pflugerville Fire Department FacilitiesPfluger Hall is deeply rooted in the Pflugerville community and provides a venue for gatherings and celebrations whether it is a once-in-a-lifetime event.

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The following education pieces are part of our Growing Forward journey in support of our mission to serving the community.

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The Department Growing Forward


Response Goals

Pflugerville Fire Department Because we careTravis County ESD No. 2 / Pflugerville Fire Department is the busiest Emergency Services District (ESD) in the county with...
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There are numerous state and nationally recognized organizations that set and measure performance of departments that...
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Day in the Life, 
Training and Prevention


Road Map to the Future:
Projections and Goals 

While the characteristics of professionalism, compassion, and bravery are core to a firefighter...
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The District runs projections for future planning. Recent projections show if we project that the economy remains slow...
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Stretching a Dollar and 
Key Initiatives

The District’s cost to provide fire and emergency medical response services is higher than the property tax revenue we receive per capita... 

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