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The majority of revenues to operate the District, over ninety-six (96%) percent, come from property tax and the percent of sales tax approved by the voters.   

In FY 2015, property or ad valorem taxes were 47.2% of total revenues, sales taxes were 49.0%, and the remaining 3.8% of total revenues were derived from fees for services, management income from leased facilities, grants and gifts, loans and leases, and reserved funds.

Sales tax revenues have increased over the years and in May 2014, the District’s voters approved the District to receive an additional ½ cent of sales tax outside the limits of the City of Pflugerville that was not being used by any other governmental entity.  The District began collecting the additional tax in December 2014.


District Tax Rate for FY2016

Ad Valorem    
  Maintenance and Operations $0.0913*
  Debt Service    $0.0045*
  Total    $0.0958*
Sales Tax
  Businesses located in ESD2 and not within ESD2A $0.005^
  Businesses located in ESD2A $0.010^

* = per $100 of taxable property value

^ = per $1 of transaction amount subject to sales tax                

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