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Pflugerville Fire Dept. hosts national symposium featuring firefighting legends

First responders from across Texas and other states gathered in Pflugerville for powerful training hosted by the Pflugerville Fire Department and the Williamson County Fire Chiefs Association.

In 1978, United Flight 173 crashed in good weather on a routine flight from Denver to Portland, killing 10 passengers and injuring 23 others. The lessons learned from this infamous crash not only changed aviation safety forever, but also impacted firefighters and other first responders world-wide through the development of Crew Resource Management (CRM). These principles are designed to reduce human error, strengthen teamwork and enhance responder safety.

The CRM Symposium took place March 28-29, 2016, at Pfluger Hall, located adjacent to the Pflugerville Central Fire Station. Time Warner TV News of Austin aired this story. Over 150 participants representing more than 30 first response agencies learned from emergency service legends including retired Phoenix Fire Chief and respected author Alan Brunacini, retired Santa Rosa California Fire Chief Bruce Varner, former Washington D.C. Fire Chief Dennis Rubin, and many more. (A complete list of presenters is included below.) The audience included first responders who work in firefighting, hazardous materials, aircraft emergencies, roadway emergencies, and emergency medical response.

The symposium was sponsored in large part by the Capital Area Fire Chiefs Association (CAFCA) and is endorsed by the Fire Department Safety Officers Association, Williamson County Office of Emergency Management, and the International Association of Fire Chiefs’ Safety, Health and Survival Section.

To learn more about CRM and its connection to United Flight #173, visit http://bit.ly/1RKDNQI and http://bit.ly/1QtZJAH.   In order of appearance, presenters included:

  • Pflugerville Fire Chief Ron Moellenberg
  • Chief Dennis Rubin
  • Chief Alan Brunacini
  • Chief Bruce Varner
  • Chief Tim Sendelbach
  • Sarah Jahnke
  • Attorney Tom Lubnow
  • Chief Larry Schultz
  • Chief Ricky Riley
  • Hutto Fire Chief Scott Kerwood

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